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Combine convenience and style

The ambiance that only candles can give

The ambiance that only candles can give you is essential to any type of catering establishment. 

Introducing Bolsius Professional ReLight in your bar or restaurant will give you the opportunity to: 

  • Change the colour
  • Change the theme
  • And change the mood

‘In our restaurant we want our guest to experience an optimal atmosphere’.

We have opted for Bolsius ReLight to create that perfect ambiance, right through the evening. 

-Jermain de Rozaria – owner the Rozario, TV chef in The Netherlands

Create your personal style


The Refills are available in many great colours and in various prints. The holders also come in various finishes, from classis to modern, for both outdoor and indoor use. 

This makes it easy to create the unique combination of colour and style that suits your establishment. 

24 hours burntime - easy to replace - clean, safe and relightable


Try ReLight today and experience its easy to use

The Refill is easy to put into the holder. It burns for 24 hours, giving save and ambiance-enhancing light. 

Refills are relightable and easy to replace. 

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